Newsletter - January 2018 - Issue #12
Gratitude and 2018
At the start of a new year it's traditional to take stock of where we are and where we'd like to be.  Appreciating where we are necessarily includes giving thanks for all the gifts support and influences, both elevating and challenging, seen and unseen, we've received during the past year.

By invoking this appreciation for what is already in our lives we move into the Heart and and into the presence of being that is Gratitude itself.
An unconditional gratitude that springs from a knowing that we are all of life. 

The Self bowing down to Itself over and over through all forms and meters. This respect and service to that which we already are will then provide the essential foundation to all that we are becoming.

Fax Gilbert - Editor 
Circles of Engagement
An invitation to Discovery:  
Saturday, January 27th, 10 am - 12 pm Pacific Time
The first virtual Circle of Engagement class open to our community will be lead by Krishna Gauci on Saturday January 27th at 10 am Pacific time.

These classes are free of charge and will:
  • Prepare us to engage more fully with this work and our community Prepare us to engage with ourselves and each other to discover, and bring forward our unique gifts for serving the impulses of our Being
  • Embody our unique expressions of the divine
  • Present a model for creating a mutuality based enlightened community 
  • Clarify and activate the promise of Whole-Being Realization  
  • Present an alternative track to growth from teaching or mentoring  

These Circles of Engagementclasses are an additional option for those interested in further engagement in our work.
They are a means for those who are contributors to this Trillium work to be recognized, appreciated and empowered.
The Circles will serve as a structure to manifest our unique expressions of being in the world.

We hope to be with you on Saturday, January 27 at 10 am Pacific for the first membership class.


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International Virtual Sittings
Cielle, Sanji, and David Bishop have been offering virtual sittings since September 2017. Their sittings are on Sundays at 12:30 pm Central US, a time that works for Trillium participants in US, Canada, UK and EU. 

These sittings are scheduled for every 3 weeks. Six have already been offered and many more will follow. Each sitting includes a short presentation or guided exercise elucidating one of the key elements of our Trillium teaching. There is also time during these sittings where each participant who wants to, may share personally about their lives in a atmosphere of mutual trust and honoring.

Their next sitting will be Sunday January 28.
For details click here.

All are welcome.

Upcoming Events
Olympia , WA
02/17 - 02/18/2018
Dance in Your Golden Shadow - Welcome Home Your Hidden Gifts
Teachers: Margit Bantowsky and Joanne Lee
more info
Ashland, OR
04/6 - 04/8/2018
Experiencing the Edge
Teachers: June Konopka
more info
Boulder, CO
05/17 - 05/21/2018
Boulder's 5th Annual Retreat
Awakening as Spirit and Matter
Teachers: June Konopka, Rod Taylor, Subhaga Crystal Bacon
more info
Fairfield, IA
05/25 - 05/28/2018
Fairfield's Spring Feast
Teachers: Sandra Glickman, Cielle and Jeffrey Backstrom, Fax and Sharon Gilbert, Steve Boggs
more info
Upcoming Virtual Events
On-line Sitting with Cielle, Sanji and David
1/28/2018, 10:30 - 12:30 PT
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Trillium Awakening is a unique offering to the world, with 44 teachers, 16 mentors, workshops/retreats and sittings, community and online mutuality groups, and a shared manifesto and mission for catalyzing awakening for individuals, society, and the world.
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