Newsletter - May 2018 - Issue #14
Elders Council 
Visionary Council Created
The Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle has created two new councils to replace the current Senior Teacher designation. 
We formed the Elders Council for teachers with at least 14 years experience. Elders are tasked to hold the history and Dharma of the organization and to serve as role models by living and expressing the full developmental edge of Whole-Being Realization. 
The Elders Council will provide inspiration through the creation of rituals and ceremonies to honor, catalyze, and embody our divine nature as well as to honor extraordinary service, achievements, and transitions within our Teachers Circle and the Trillium community. 
The Visionary Council of our most experienced teachers is dedicated to developing and sustaining our work as teacher-transmitters of Whole-Being Realization, to bringing our work forward and to maintain our vision: the wildflowering of whole-being love and wisdom dedicated to the fullest awakening of self, society and the world.

This Visionary Council will be developing new teaching modalities, approving curriculum, teaching advanced courses, and in general providing leadership, initiative and guidance for our Teachers Circle.
These new councils will be inaugurated at our annual Teachers Retreat in Colorado this June.
How is Trillium teaching unique? 
Why does it work?
These are questions Trillium Teachers considered at a recent Teachers Retreat in California.  In a time when spiritual teachers and programs are more available than ever before, what does the Trillium Awakening work contribute to the cause of spiritual awakening?  Here is some of what we acknowledged about our work:
  • We are an association of teachers from many lineages and traditions whose collective consciousness embodies a living dharma. 
  • Ours is a democratic teachers circle with a fundamental equality of being and a hierarchy of experience.
  • We are accountable to each other and to a transparent ethics policy.
  • Teachers meet monthly in small groups to share insights and grow from mutual association. Students meet in circle groups to deepen in their personal process through the practice of mutuality. 
  • Our work is "studentcentric," holding each student as a sacred mystery. Within the safe context of sittings, personal sessions, and courses each participant can flower into their unique personal awakening in an organic way, with continued support for integration and relatedness.
  • Students have the resource of many teachers, each with a multifaceted experience of our common dharma.
  • As Trillium Teachers we have a strong community emphasis and support through a Circles of Engagement membership program, local activities, phone bridges and special events.

Upcoming Events
Multiple May Retreats
There is a variety of offerings to choose from in the month of May from longer five-day intensive courses to the "create your own course" Feast of Sittings in Fairfield. These gatherings are a great way to deepen into the wellspring of Being.
Somerset, NJ
May 5-6 
Anchoring Our Divinity in Our Humanity
Allan Morelock and Gena Netten. Info

Boulder, CO
May 17-21 
Boulder 5th Annual Retreat 
June Konopka, Rod Taylor, Subhaga Crystal Bacon

Fairfield, IA
May 25-28 
Fairfield's Spring Feast
Sandra Glickman, Cielle and Jeffrey Backstrom, Fax and Sharon Gilbert, Steve Boggs
Olympia, WA
08/29 - 09/5
2018 Transfiguration Retreat
All Inclusive Rate: $1750
Early Bird Rate: $1550
Do You Have Marketing Skills to Share?
We're looking for those with marketing, promotion, and social media skills to assist in promotional projects to bring our work out into the awakening
world. Contact Joanne Lee, Marketing Activity Coordinator.

Trillium Awakening is a unique offering to the world, with 40 teachers, 18 mentors, workshops/retreats and sittings, community and online mutuality groups, and a shared manifesto and mission for catalyzing awakening for individuals, society, and the world.
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