Newsletter - March 2018 - Issue #13
Trillium Consciousness Summit: 
Video Recorded Interviews
In the last few years, there has been a growing popularity with online summits where different experts all speak independently on a single common topic. Often these summits take the form of video recorded interviews. One popular summit last September on We-Space featured several Trillum teachers.

One of those teachers, Cielle Backstrom, noticed that as a Trillium Teacher she had relatively few readily available resources within the Trillium path that spoke to the important subject of consciousness clarification and identification and the variety of experiences and recognitions that hallmark this seminal transition. So Cielle decided to create her own "Consciousness Summit" by interviewing and recording a number of Trillium experts on the subject.

Fax: First, congratulations on putting this Consciousness Summit together. Why did you undertake it?

Cielle:  I found when working with Trillium participants that there are relatively few platforms on consciousness recognition within our work that I could refer my students to. I also knew that among our Trillium Teachers and Mentors there was a living pool of knowledge on the subject. So I decided to create our own library of consciousness awakening recordings.

Also, in our work we like to help each participant identify if they feel more aligned with consciousness, embodiment, or mutuality.  It is not that one is preferable over the other, but it can be helpful to sense into which one any person identifies with more.  For me, I have been most identified with consciousness.  So it felt natural to me to produce a "Consciousness Summit."

I feel that as a teachers circle we already offer many opportunities to students via retreats and sittings to investigate in real time the ins and outs of mutuality.  We also offer one-on-one sessions for students, and this can be a perfect time for students to explore embodiment.  But when I have a student seeking more information and direct experience of consciousness, I feel there is a lack of ample resources. Because each person is so different, our understanding and access to consciousness shows up differently. Having many teachers speak of their unique understanding of consciousness would ensure that each student would find resonance with at least one teacher.

Fax: How many Trillium teachers have you interviewed, and how can we view these interviews and experience your Summit.

Cielle: Ten teachers and a mentor have already stepped forth to be interviewed. The interviews are posted to the Resources section of the Trillium Awakening page. I hope that more teachers will be added to the list.  It has been very fulfilling for me to sit with these teachers and receive their knowledge. I am definitely deepening and clarifying consciousness as a result. I consistently see a common thread weaving through each presentation, and yet the individuality of each teacher shines forth. Some presentations also include guided exercises.  I foresee these videos as resources that students will want to come back to again and again.

Fax: You mentioned that the newly created Circles of Engagement project played a part in your desire to put this Summit together.

Cielle: For me the Consciousness Summit also ties into this new offering.  The Circles of Engagement is a community enterprise made up of Trillium participants, mentors, and teachers.  I have completed all four levels of the Circles of Engagement.  One of the levels speaks of the value of community service. 

Although I'm very active in service commitments for the benefit of the teacher circle, I realized that my service doesn't explicitly extend to the overall Trillium community.  I wanted to create something to serve the community.  I feel that this Consciousness Summit is an example of such service.  Another one of the agreements in Circles of Engagement is acknowledging the importance of continuing to expose ourselves to Trillium Awakening teachings.  I wanted to create fresh new recordings of our teaching that would be accessible to students at any time. Whenever a community member might want to immerse into our teaching, these videos will be available.  I am thankful to the teachers who have already donated their time and knowledge to participate.  The series turned out to be rich, deep and potent.

Fax: Thank you Cielle!

Watch the videos online at:

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