Newsletter - December 2017 - Issue #11
The Divine World
In this holiday season the life of Christ is celebrated through ritual, remembrance, and gift giving. Whatever the details of his life were, he represented a merging of the divine with the human, the freedom of heaven with the limitations of earth. According to the stories he got angry, felt fear, got frustrated, and railed against his fate. We can relate. Christ also embodied and represented divine values of love, self-sacrifice, gratitude, service, caring, knowing, peace and unity. We can also relate.

We have all had periods where these divine qualities dominate our day-to-day reality and relationships. Where there is a natural spontaneous flow of love, giving, service and connection.

Our Trillium Awakening work calls forward a recognition of the full range of our human-divine identity and through the mechanics of mutuality provides a template to integrate this paradox into our lives, just as Christ represented. This is the gift we give each other simply by sharing all of who we are.

Love and blessings,
Fax Gilbert-Editor
selected poems and prose
The following are selected poems and prose, written by Trillium Awakening teachers that speak to this embodiment, to this season.

Right Here

In the Trillium process, I have discovered what I believe I was truly seeking - not liberation from, but liberation into the full acceptance and expression of All That Is. We awaken here to the truth that there is not and never was a split between spirit and matter. We are all of it - transcendence and immanence. We are not separate from our bodies or our feelings, we are not separate from the earth, nor from each other. No longer trying to flee from the messiness of the human condition, we can finally relax into our birthright, our true wholeness. We can fully land right here.

An Angel fell from the sky one day.
You see, the problem was,
she thought she was supposed to fly
as high as possible.

No one gave her a guidebook,
or told her the
Real Deal About Angels.
All she saw was posters in the mall
of Angels ascending,
smiling, happy, stylish, successful.
And always on the way up.

Isn't that what angels do,
go UP?

Until her weary wings
gave up
the fight of flight,
and she sank slowly,
(but Grace-fully),
down into her very own
flesh and bones
and finally called them 'Home.' 
Ocean of Consciousness

The ocean of Consciousness rises up in each of us as waves of Being, moving in and out in a continuous rhythmic flow.
Energetically both types of movement feel the same but their purposes are actually different.
The waves that move in bring to conscious light our hidden wounded places allowing for spontaneous healing, integration and greater freedom.
The waves that move out propel us into our life's destiny which has always been eagerly awaiting us.
In this way, the waves of Being that arise from the ocean of Consciousness bridge the gap between our past and future, by clarifying our future destiny and the steps to its unfoldment in the present moment.
On the Porch

What happens is I'm at the party talking, listening, sighing, laughing, snacking, dancing, singing along and after a couple hours I step out on to the porch headed for my truck thinking I've been having fun before when suddenly a whole new sensibility opens up in me; my belly relaxes, my heart opens and my whole body comes much more alive as I feel the cool night air caress my face and the quiet of the darkness cloaks me in the tenderest embrace. 

The deep sky beckons and I notice the large tree across the fence a silent sentinel to a hundred autumns like this one, a witness to how many lightning strikes, how many assaults, how many first kisses, how many last breaths? The half moon is emerging from a cloud and also silhouettes the telephone line running through the ancient tree carrying conversations everywhere from Sioux City to the Seychelles bearing words of hope, boredom, impatience, compassion, amorous longing, betrayal, dread and delight. 

The tree extends as far under the earth as it does above, its roots penetrating deeply into the moist, fecund soil which is filled with numberless tiny insects, bacteria and fungi all endlessly and rapaciously feeding on the dying detritus of the life above and tonight they are feasting on the life blood of the opossum run over by the Buick Le Sabre that just flashed by. 

All this and more is pouring through me and this life and this world seem so incredibly precious and poignant and overflowing with exquisite beauty and exquisite pain and the two are locked in each other's arms and a ferocious love of the whole throbbing, glorious, ghastly reality that is this existence incinerates this Steve Boggs character and the limited and the limitless are a little difficult to distinguish. 

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