Trillium Awakening Newsletter - October 2016 - Issue #4   
Teacher Profile
Gena Netten has been involved in the Trillium work since 2008 and is a teacher since 2013. She, along with her partner Allan, has been very successful inspiring participation in this work, holding courses and developing communities throughout the Northeast.

Fax: What modalities have helped you in your Trillium teaching?

Gena: Focusing has helped me hold self and other in presence, and tune into the mystical that was lively in my childhood. Focusing helped me get out of the thinking mind more into the intuitive. Somatic Experiencing has allowed me to feel more deeply into my students, cultivate the field of resonance between us, and support those who experience the effects of trauma. SE has also helped me to sense into the body - and what's underneath our emotions and sensations, and to identify breaks in the embodied experience. Both modalities have fostered my own exploration of the sensate, all the way down to the vibrational level, and have allowed me to develop my own unique techniques. 

Fax: What do you like about teaching? 
Gena: Everything I do in my teaching springs from a devotional heart and longing for more realization in my self and my students. It is a thrill for me to participate in the transformation of self, other and relationship. Teaching is a way of sparking more awakening and uncovers my own edges and next steps for development. It keeps me on my toes and vulnerable. I love it, but it's not always easy. 

Fax: What do you see as your strong points? 
Gena: Being able to attune to students' sensations and emotions and feel into what might be needed in their unfolding. My background as a linguistics teacher (Gena taught at the University of Minnesota) has enabled me to 'speak each student's language' and help to translate this dharma into ideas that resonate with them. Also, I'm naturally a visionary, always seeing what is possible, which is valuable in allowing me to hold the evolutionary, healing and transformational space for students, for the collective, and all of existence. I see my archetype as healer / teacher. 

Fax: What are your current teaching edges? 
Gena: My most recent interests are with Patricia Albere's Evolutionary Collective work, and I'm taking some of Thomas Huebl's courses as well. Their work has helped me face life's challenges, especially my ongoing health challenges, with more trust and surrender instead of being governed by survival instinct. To honor my limits, but also to inquire into what they really are while not falling victim to them. To participate in the flow of life from a place of openness and trusting engagement and not out of egoic strategies. To have the courage to show up and move forward into unknown possibilities and not allow fear to hold me back. To see with mature, compassionate clarity any unconscious patterns based on survival and separation, and hold those patterns patiently so they feel comfortable to align with the higher conscious essence of embodied freedom. 

Fax: Teaching successes? 
Gena: On a recent retreat Allan and I were holding an interconnected space for the group and Being moved in all of us simultaneously, so much so that the teaching emerged out of all our mouths. It was pure grace, and came from a surrendered place rather than an agenda. And I would have to say that any other successes I might point to, also come from grace and surrender. 

Fax: Thank you Gena.
Trillium Essay
Developing Passionate Clarity by Gena Netten

A sense of relief comes when we enter this work and learn to welcome and be with all aspects of our human experience. We start to relax because we stop pitting parts of ourselves against one another, until eventually we come to know intuitively there is no boundary between inner and outer, subject and object.

As we awaken to our True nature, we realize an aspect of that nature is whole, lacking nothing, and never changing. Paradoxically, we realize another aspect of that nature is being the ever-changing flow of Life. Something in our True nature seems to desire more and more experience, development, and realization. We recognize this as the eternal, insatiable longing of Shiva for Shakti, even in the midst of their inextricable union -- the unmanifest longing for what is possible and remaining present in all the forms of manifestation that originate from it. We recognize that Shiva and Shakti are not two, but the divine Union of Being. to full essay
Thank you for participating in this groundbreaking work!

Fax Gilbert

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