Trillium Awakening Newsletter - September 2016 - Issue #3    
Mutuality Circle / We-Space in Fairfield, IA
Mutuality Circle in Fairfield Feels into the Trump Candidacy

In response to a desire to interest new people in Trillium Awakening, a new format was created to share the power of mutual awakening inherent in our work.

We've started calling it a Mutuality Circle because it combines the safety, holding and mutuality of a sitting with the we-space dynamics of deepening group awareness through a circling of individual expressions. A polarizing issue or subject is introduced to the group and the sharing begins.

As with a sitting there is no cross talk or trying to solve the issue. People are free to take it where they will and are instructed to feel into the group consciousness, as well as their individual feelings. Our first subject was polarization of Donald Trump's candidacy, and it was a rich one with a variety of lively expressions gradually circling into a mutually shared holding of a more comprehensive fullness.

The fifteen people, including a couple new participants, really enjoyed the process and all wanted to continue with other subjects. We're hoping that these Mutuality Circles will attract more interest in the dynamics of our work and it's application to personal spiritual awakening and conscious embodiment.

The fundamentals of mutuality need to be practiced in order to be lived, and we hope that this new format will evoke and deepen our connectedness in the midst of individual points of reference.
Teacher Profile
Steve Boggs
What archetype most describes your awakened life?
I'd have to say the devotee because the hungry drive for the transcendent, for the oceanic, which characterized the spiritual seeking that occupied most of my adult life was turned on its head when the wholeness became starkly apparent, and suddenly the grandeur of the particular and the intimate sparkled everywhere. You cannot help but feel devotional attraction when everything feels kindred and when the simplest, most ordinary moments of this life reveal their aching beauty.

Current spiritual edge?
I guess I would say that in this time of termination, separation and forced renaming, the most heavy lifting of my spiritual edge involves remaining hopeful, permeable and not allowing my disappointment to turn into disavowal. If others are anything like me, they have probably been feeling traumatized during this period of estrangement and as a result noticing a tendency toward an all or nothing, black or white mindset. I keep reminding myself that truth is almost always composed of shades of gray.

What do you want to share about life and spiritual exploration?
Over these many years I've been increasingly aware of an ardor that is a kind of gravitational mystery ever drawing us on into the journey of this life. Gravity exists in all matter and is an attractive force drawing everything into greater intimacy. Gravity is the eros of matter. Like that, there is a field of love that continuously beckons all of us even if it's haunting call is only heard occasionally like an voice on the wind. Once this is recognized, it becomes a sort of apprenticeship to love from which you never expect to graduate.
Trillium Essay
Trust Yourself by Steve Boggs

"If you really listen, you will hear a trustable voice within your own being.  It doesn't speak through a bullhorn but is thunderous in its implications and what it reveals.  It speaks in the cries and whispers of your heart which may normally go unheard or ignored.  When you let go of all your old habits of self-discipline, self-control and self-improvement, you find to your utter amazement that a current of evolution is moving in you which is not reliant on teachers, teachings, organizations or movements.  It is original, unpredictable, challenging, natural, risky, heedless, compassionate and ruthless.  It is self-sustaining and self-validating.  It is your own truth." to complete essay
Thank you for participating in this groundbreaking work!

Fax Gilbert

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