Trillium Awakening Newsletter - August 2016 - Issue #2    
Fascinating Manifestation
A new crop circle that showed up August 12 in
England looks a lot like a Trillium
Teacher Profile
Sandra Glickman is a senior teacher in the Trillium Awakening circle of teachers who has been teaching this work for almost twenty years. At this time she serves the organization through the Operations Circle, the Mentor Teacher Evaluation Committee, teaching and guiding students, Mentors, and Teachers, offering 2nd Birth clarification, and working to ground the new direction of Trillium Awakening.
Most useful skills?
Trained as a psychotherapist, Sandra feels useful skill around communication of the knowledge of the ego and psyche gleaned over her years of wide-ranging study and application-especially in the area of "types" of people, along with the empathy she has learned through practicing mutuality with others in this work these many years. Most of all, Sandra feels her own satisfaction in life supports her ability to synthesize and interrelate many perspectives and levels of awareness through ongoing deep contemplation, and voracious study.
Current spiritual edge?
Sandra reports her current focus is to keep her body-mind healthy and functioning at a pace that can continue to serve her heart's desire to be of use to the world, as well as maintaining a precious connection with her three teenaged granddaughters.
What do you want to share about life and spiritual exploration?
Sandra: "I've learned to enter very personally into the details-the insides of events, thoughts, expressions-and make choices about what further to enliven in my expression, while at the same time seeing the BIG picture: that nothing is personal, everything is the Life of the One Great Being that IS, that loves, and that fuels all persons and worlds in the universal delight and sheer joy of showing up endlessly diverse!" 
We-Space / Trillium Essay
The following is excerpted from the introduction to a recent essay that Sandra wrote with several others. The essay relates the Trillium transmission and context to the Integral "we-space." It will be published later this year with a selection of articles from various groups on that topic. We'll let you know when it's available.
"We hold Being as an ultimate Mystery revealing itself in parts and glimpses over time, and consciously honor its wholeness. Our we-spaces are fed by the steady, open spaciousness of presence, freedom, and silence. From that basis, we surface personal accounts, listen to dilemmas, and are moved along undulating waves in contemplating losses, gains, pains, and triumphs. We intuit and come to accept being unable to ever completely know one another, and thus leave room for what is fresh and spontaneously emergent. We practice holding open our minds and hearts, even while internally registering our own biases, reactions, and judgments of character and personality. We continuously acknowledge the sacred unknowability of each person including ourselves, and why we are configured precisely as we are."
Trillium Peer-Facilitated Virtual Groups
Coordinated by Sugandhi

Trillium Peer Mutuality groups provide community access to our work for those in remote areas who do not have the possibility of in-person sittings with a teacher. Sugandhi gathers names of people who are interested and puts them into closed groups of 5 or 6 people. Groups usually meet twice each month using Zoom or Skype. They involve short check in, gazing, and sharing. Peer Led Mutuality Groups do not substitute for teacher sessions and work best in conjunction with ongoing teacher and mentor sessions. There is no charge for peer led mutuality groups.
How to find a group: Fill out the request form on our website (scroll down on page to form) at:
or email Sugandhi at:
Thank you for participating in this groundbreaking work!

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Mentor/Teacher Transitions
Big Congratulations!

Margit Bantowsky
 from Olympia, WA, who is now an Interning Teacher

Marlene Gotz from
San Diego, CA, a new Mentor, and

Marcia Hince from Penngrove, Sonoma County, CA, a new Mentor 
Regional Activity
Burlington Ontario
is the latest Trillium
rising star community. Nourished by local mentor Wendy Redfern and deepened by Jean Marchand's monthly sittings & Ardith Dean's intensives. This community was the best represented at Amy Conger's July Sacred Summer Celebration. Contact Wendy
Upcoming Events
New Jersey
September 10-11
Teachers: Allan Morelock and Gena Netten 
"Authentic Relating at Multiple Levels"
Boulder County, CO
October 28-30
Teachers: Robert Silvers, Max & Tatini Goler
"Giving the Gift that is Yours to Give: Surrender and the Authentic Self"
Fairfield, Iowa
October 6-10
"11th Annual Transformation Retreat"
Albuquerque, NM
November 12-13
Teachers: Fax & Sharon Gilbert
"The Myth and Magic of Mutuality"
New Meetup Group
Zoom Sittings
Interactive Zoom Sitting
August 28th, 6-8pm UK time
(8 hrs ahead of PT)
Organizer: Steve Beckett
Teacher: Geri Portnoy
Topic: "Evolutionary Mutuality - Opening up WE space as a Gateway into New Octaves of Love and Connection"
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Featured Essays
Fax Gilbert
"Gratitude" and
Divine Mutuality"
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