Trillium Awakening Newsletter - July 2016 - Issue #1

Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle Retreat ~ June 2016

Retreat SiteWe held our first annual five-day teacher retreat as the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle in mid-June at the Ralston-White estate, located in a secluded redwood forest just north of Mill Valley CA. Twenty-four teachers gathered, including six new interning teachers: Amy Conger from western Maryland, Don Freas from Olympia, Susan Spensely from Albuquerque, Kelly Yi from the Bay area (currently living in South Korea), Victor Antillon from northern California, and Sarah Hubbard from Salt Lake City. Bill Miller, now a full teacher from the New York area, was also attending his first teacher retreat.
This gathering was a time to just be together and reinforce the collective power of our group transmission while focusing on defining our identity, discussing refinements in teaching, and adjusting to our present reality as a new spiritual association in the world.  We had lively discussions about community outreach, marketing initiatives, and mapping transitions after second birth.  

Mission & Manifesto
A "Mission" and "Manifesto" that clearly speak to this new identity coalesced from several brainstorming sessions on our retreat and were unanimously endorsed by the teachers on our recent monthly call. The Manifesto provides short concise answers to the questions:
  • What is the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle and how is it distinctive?
  • What is our purpose and how do we relate to students?

Trillium Awakening_ a wildflowering of whole-being love and wisdom dedicated to healing_ guiding_ and inspiring the fullest awakening of self_ society and the world.
Manifesto Click to Read
Elements of our shared dharma
A highlight of our time together was a presentation by Robert Silvers. Robert has led a committee including June Konopka, Jen Mayol, and Kelly Yi, who have met together throughout the past year to consider how elements of our shared dharma--specifically the expressions of embodied awakening first coined by Saniel about twenty years ago in his pioneering book Waking Down--might be updated and nuanced based on our experience working with students and our own awakening process. 

We put our collective attention on such terms as green-lighting, the rot, core wound, wakedown shakedown, second birth, and white heat and had a thoughtful and illuminating discussion about how these terms both describe and possibly influence our experience of awakening.  We found that many of us were already using other, more descriptive terms to describe these significant passages and are not relying so much on what was at risk of becoming jargon.  

We'll let you know of developments in our work in future issues of this newsletter, along with essays from teachers, announcements of upcoming courses, retreats, and community activities, as well as teacher and mentor transitions. And any time you need more information or inspiration, please visit the updated Trillium Awakening website at:
Thank you for participating in this groundbreaking work for individual awakening and societal evolution!
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