What Season Reflects Where You Are In Your Awakening Process with Fax & Sharon

What season reflects where you are in your awakening process? As we grow, we traverse through cycles of activation, integration, continuity and dormancy, which can be said to correspond to the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. We will look at how Trillium core teachings highlight and support our understanding and experience of this […]

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Exploring Holding: Being in Presence with Denise

Holding: Being in Presence with something or someone with heartfelt support for the other as they are. This acknowledges that holding occurs in Presence, the sacred container which holds you, the other, all things. How you experience Presence will be unique to you. In Trillium, we speak about how three centers of intelligence, each with […]

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The Temple of the Beloved: A Sacred Vessel for Healing & Awakening with Bill E

You are invited to join this monthly exploration of the human path to fullness of being, a fullness that embraces all that we are, from our earthy humaness to our transcendent radiance. The temple is a sacred vessel which celebrates both our essential oneness and the uniqueness of each of our embodiments. Donation Basis: $25 […]

Our Inner World of Masculine and Feminine with June

From hypermasculine to healthy masculine to Divine masculine, from hyperfeminine to healthy feminine to Divine feminine....let's take an open and vulnerable look at how the masculine and feminine are showing […]

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Spiritually Incorrect with Ted & Hillary

Spiritual groups tend to create group mind thinking that unconsciously pressures people to adapt to ideas that may or may not be true for all members. To awaken more deeply […]

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