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Discovering and Living the Full Spectrum of Awakened Love ~ International TA Online Retreat


June 10 - June 13

Event Details

The dimensions of Whole Being Realization – Consciousness, Embodiment, and Mutuality, provide a discriminative framework for distinguishing and unfolding the spectrum of Whole-Being Love.  We will investigate these aspects of self to discover, enliven, and express the full range of love in our daily lives. Through knowledge, exercises, discussions, and small group sharing and feedback, we will learn to live the fullness of love that is available to us within our awakening nature.

Awareness of the spectrum of love, together with the process of reconfiguration and integration within Whole Being Realization, can lead to Whole-Being Heart Realization in which the nature of love is realized and lived in these awakened dimensions of self:  universal conscious nature as unconditional love personal manifest nature as embodied love interconnected mutual nature as interpersonal love Integrated heart realization manifests as knowing, being, and living love.

Retreat mentors: Debi Bailey, Jim Hutcheon, Bob Epperly

Course Fee:  $350 – if paid by May 7, 2021; $395 – after May 7, 2021

More information: https://awakeninginwholeness.com/3281-2/ 



Prior attendance at Trillium Awakening sittings and longer events (or equivalent)


  • Rod Taylor

    Rod Taylor is an international teacher of conscious embodied non-dual awakening. He is the founder of the Whole-Being Evolution Path™, creator of the Whole-Being Evolution Map, and author of the book New Principles of Awakened Relationship.  For over 40 years he has been teaching spiritual awakening knowledge and techniques, and since 2007 has been offering workshops and coaching services as a member of the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle.  Rod is a member of the Trillium Awakening Visionary Council and a certified Trillium Awakening Whole Being Realization Clarifier. He has a Master of Adult Education degree and post-secondary certification in Conflict Resolution. Teaching and coaching in the field of whole being realization is Rod’s passion and his joy. He lives with his beloved wife Andrea on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

  • CC Leigh

    Longtime Trillium Awakening teacher CC Leigh loves to support people, both individually and in small groups, in realizing their divinely human potential for awakening and living a profoundly integrated and fulfilling life.   In addition, during her 20-year involvement with Trillium Awakening, CC helped train new TA teachers, co-founded the international Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle, created the body-centered Inseeing Process™, authored the acclaimed handbook Becoming Divinely Human: A Threefold Path to Embodied Awakening, and has recently been having fun with her newest course, Practical Magic (a course in learning to consciously create). Since COVID 19 arrived on our shores, CC has been offering her support via a free Zoom conference each week, Saturday Morning Coffee with CC. Students especially value CC for her gentle way of tending souls with warmth and compassion. She lives near Boulder, Colorado with two beloved dogs and one cool cat.

  • Robert Silvers

    Robert Silvers is a spiritual mentor, certified practitioner of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, and a Trillium Awakening Interning Teacher. In his teenage years, faced by existential questions such as “what does it matter what I do in life if death is at the end?” he became a Soto Zen Buddhist monk and spent eight years living at a Zen center. While Robert found answers to these types of questions through meditation and deep insight, he also found the need to expand his life beyond the confines of a training center and eventually even beyond the confines of Buddhism. This led to an exploration of many different spiritual paths (Hindu Advaita, Jewish Renewal, Sufi groups, incarnational spirituality etc.) as well as psychotherapeutic and personal development work, including studying the Enneagram. After a period of several years of searching (unsuccessfully) for a spiritual path that truly called him, Robert found Waking Down in 2009. He became a mentor in 2011 and a teacher in 2012. He was also the Executive Director of the Institute of Awakened Mutuality from 2011 to 2014.
    Robert has an MBA from UCLA and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Stanford University which led to a career as a business school professor. After leaving that career, he trained as a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach and worked for several years in the coaching profession. He has also served on the boards of several spiritual nonprofit organizations. Robert lives with his wife and their two cats in Bothell, Washington.

  • Ralf Humphries

    Ralf Humphries is a midwife of awakening, supporting individuals in the birthing of their whole-being self. In this process, (1) the subtle soul-nature of each individual is welcomed into full embodiment, (2) the body incrementally reveals to its intrinsic super-sensitivity as a living fractal of the cosmos, and (3) the innocent heart nature is liberated into increasing love-expression in the world. Ralf’s post-natal support continues to be valuable as individuals mature through the seven evolutionary stages of Wholeness Unfolding in awakened life.

 In the last eight years, Ralf has worked as a psychotherapy educator and a senior rehabilitation clinician. He currently has a private practice as a therapist, is an interning teacher with Trillium Awakening, and is a teacher of the Whole-Being Evolution Path™. Ralf lives with his partner in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Francesca Blackstock

    Francesca Blackstock is a Registered Social Worker. She has been supporting individuals and families for almost 40 years through a variety of Child Protective Service positions, as well as in private practice. In her private practice since 2001, she has focused on supporting people to live a more passionate & loving life though Tantra courses, Women’s Empowerment workshops, and private sessions with couples & individuals. Francesca is a Trillium Awakening Interning Teacher, who is currently serving as chair of the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle monthly meetings. Since her Whole Being Realization in 2015, Francesca has been very involved in Trillium Awakening in a variety of roles, including hosting mutuality cafes, facilitating mutuality groups, and organizing & hosting Trillium Awakening retreats. She organized two in-person Retreats in Calgary, Canada in 2018 & 2019. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, she has envisioned and organized a series of Online Retreats. This upcoming Retreat will be the 4th in that series; designed to support people to live in deeper love and recognition of all aspects of themselves and others. Francesca lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband Don and two canine fur babies; Gracie & Sadie.

How to Register

To register, contact Francesca: [email protected]

Due to the current worldwide situation, we understand that financial wellbeing may be compromised and therefore have a sliding scale available. If you need financial relief to attend, please contact Francesca. If you feel moved to make a donation to support the sliding scale, that would also be welcome & appreciated.  

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