You may have spent years trying to transcend human limitation through spiritual seeking. You may be grappling with a spiritual experience or awakening you don’t understand.

We can help you realize infinite Consciousness as your fundamental identity and core essence while accepting your natural human qualities and limitations.

Discovering the unbounded nature of your spirit while also honoring your human limitations helps pave the way for realizing you are a unified Being: the underlying unity of consciousness and matter. Read more...


You may be mired in the unraveling of a familiar life that no longer works. You may be sick and tired of working on yourself, with limited results. You may be exhausted from living a life of fear, or fighting a war against yourself, others, and life, and long to be at peace.

We can help you relax into life just as it is, and say “YES!” to your whole being. This whole-being acceptance enlivens your body’s recognition of infinite Consciousness, leading to more freedom, wellness, and wholeness than you imagined was possible. Read more...


You may feel alone and want to connect with like-minded and open-hearted people, and be supported by spiritual community on your journey. You may long to be understood, heard, seen, and honored. You may desire deep intimacy in relationship grounded in love, kindness, and compassion.

Through the practice of mutuality in this path, you will deeply explore and claim your authentic nature though vulnerable self-expression. Over time, this practice builds trust and facilitates deep healing and transformation, and the felt sense that you and others are unique expressions of one interconnected field of Being. Read more...


The Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle consists of a network of awakened teachers dedicated to providing personalized guidance for your awakening journey.

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We offer a variety of virtual events to support your process of embodied awakening in a compassionate culture of mutuality. Some of our virtual events are free, some are contribution-based, and some have a set fee.

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